Raw Food (English)

Nettle and apple smoothie.

Optimizing the Gerson Therapy with the Wild Plant Primal Diet

Optimize the Gerson Therapy with the Wild Plant Primal Diet, Api-Bee-Therapy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda Detox

A New Approach for Treating Chronic Degenerative Heart/Circulatory-, Neurological-, Autoimmune-, Inflammatory- and Cancer Diseases

Can food be used as medicine? This statement was made by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, over 2300 years ago. I believe that an optimal diet, containing wild plants, sprouted foods, fermentation juices, bio-photons, bee products and Asian mushrooms together with Ayurvedic detox protocols and the Gerson therapy can offer treatment options to patients with degenerative diseases such as cancer.


Wild morning glory flowers.

Morning Glory - Mountain Ant - Wildplant Cocktail - English

Morning Glory - Mountain Ant - Wild Plant - Superfood - Raw Smoothie

by Dr. John Switzer, MD, Starnberger See, Germany

I believe that nothing else even comes close to this nutrient-dense, wildplant, superfood smoothie. It is based on the leaves of an edible, flowering, wild plant and even includes ants, a prized Chinese tonic superfood - medicine.

For literally the price of a banana, the only fruit you need to buy for this superfood cocktail, you can give your body every nutrient it craves, including vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, the entire B-complex, zinc, enzymes and even amino acids such as taurine and carnitine, largely missing in the vegan and vegetarian diet. Most rawfooders are also deficient in these nutrients.

Instead of buying expensive "ormus - rich" green powders and mountain ant extract from David Wolfe you can mix this cocktail which is far superior due to its high biophoton content. By foraging in nature we obtain all the nutrients that our body craves.


The Ultimate Wild Plant Detoxification Protocol and Weight Loss

Achieve Significant Weight Loss through Optimal Detoxification

1. First, detox your body with a nutrient-rich Wildplant-Superfood-Micromineral Detox Combo

2. Then watch your fat melt away as your metabolism and immune system come alive!

Microminerals USA is excited about our recent acquisition of a German proprietary formula designed for optimal detoxification and weight loss. Made from processed wild plants such as sting nettle leaves and seeds, horsetails, lambs quarters; probiotic, sprouted quinoa and flax seeds, shitake mushroom miso soup and organic micromineral primal essence, this wildplant-superfood-detox combo now makes its debut in the U.S. The technology for manufacturing this detox combo was created at a German health spa specializing in detoxification and weight loss.

We are excited to offer our customers what we think is the optimal method for achieving detoxification and significant weight loss. The strategy is to flood the body with rare nutrients from wild plants, probiotics and the organic micromineral primal essence. These nutrients act as catalysts to jump-start detoxification and initiate significant weight loss.


Sting nettles.

The Sting Nettle Cocktail Miracle

Discover the Ultimate Health Tonic: A freshly-picked, Wildcrafted Sting-Nettle - Biophoton - Cocktail!

Now Available from Microminerals USA

Dr.John Switzer, MD, is an ayurvedic medical doctor and director of an ayurvedic spa near Munich, Germany. Recently, he shared with us his secret health tonic. It is made out of freshly-picked, wild sting-nettles (urtica urens), organic fruit and micromineral primal essence, containing approximately 80 organic trace elements. Every morning he picks wild nettles and blends them together with several organic fruits for his patients.

Dr. Switzer's specialty is treating cancer. His treatment strategy is first to detox the blood and digestive tract, followed by a strengthening of the metabolism and immune system. By prescribing his cancer patients up to 1 ½ liters of sting nettle cocktail on a daily basis, he can accomplish both tasks. The blood, lymphatics, digestive tract and internal organs get a thorough house cleaning, which is especially important after chemotherapy. The sting nettle cocktail supplies the massive amounts of nutrients needed for the healing process.


Wild Dandelion Sushi (english)

Here is the most remarkable sushi recipe that I have ever tasted, better than the real thing!

It is the best raw food recipe I have ever created! My wife and I eat it almost every day.

This sushi recipe comes alive with the nutritional power of dandelions. All six Ayurveda tastes are present in this recipe: the cashew cream gives it a sweet taste, the tamari soy sauce a salty taste, the dandelions a bitter and astringent taste, the red pepper and wasabi paste a slightly pungent taste, the dill pickle a sour taste. According to Ayurveda, all six tastes balance the body's energy, thereby reducing the tendency to develop cravings, especially for sweets, chocolate, chips and other junk foods.

My wild dandelion sushi recipe is so filling and satisfying that you won't need any cheese, meat or sausage after eating it. It contains every nutrient that your body needs, including protein, minerals from the sea, vitamins, biophotons from the freshly picked dandelions as well as enzymes and lots of important phytochemicals and antioxidants.


Wildcrafted Enzyme Crackers (english)

Wildcrafted Enzyme Crackers

These nutrient-rich crackers are made from freshly-picked wild plants and soaked flax seeds. They are incredibly healthy, tasty and filling. Even children love them! They pack an incredible array of nutrients and are far superior to energy bars or sport drinks.


Optimal Health with Wild Green Cocktails (English)

Experience the Benefits of Dr. Switzer's Wild Plant Energy Cocktails!

As a gardener, I was always fighting a losing battle against the weeds. I couldn't keep up with their prolific growth. They just kept bouncing back, almost out of nowhere. What sort of invincible power was lurking behind these wild plants? Could this same power be harnessed to heal our body and mind?

As a medical doctor specializing in homeopathic and ayurvedic medicine, I was aware of the healing power of wild plants. One day, a thought entered my mind: why not use the same plants as both a source of food and medicine? I started blending the "weeds" together with fruit and came up with delicious, energy cocktails. That not only took care of my weeding problem, it also radically improved my health.


Bio-Photon Nutrition and Wild Green Energy Cocktails for Optimal Health (English)

Bio-Photon Nutrition and Wild Green Energy Cocktails for Optimal Health

Ground-breaking research carried out by Professor Popp, a German physicist, has demonstrated that the bio-electric energy of our cells is dependent on how many bio-photons our bodies are able to absorb from plants. Every living cell emits units of light called bio-photons. Strong, healthy cells emit more light than weaker cells. Vegetables picked off the shelf at a grocery store usually emit few bio-photons because of loss during transportation and storage. Chemical or heat treatment used to ripen or preserve vegetables further reduces the amount of bio-photons available. Radiation treatment carried out with gamma rays in order to increase the shelf life of food leads to total destruction of bio-photons.


Bio-photon Nutrition and Cyclical Eating (English)

Combining bio-photons and cyclical eating are wonderful ways to purify the body and stimulate the production of neuro-transmitters in your brain. This will improve your overall health and help you to experience more inner happiness and joy. The production of hormones by the endocrine system will be enhanced, making your body feel younger and more energetic.