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Optimal Health with Wild Green Smoothies

Experience the Benefits of Dr. Switzer's Wild Plant Energy Smoothies!

As a gardener, Dr. Switzer was always fighting a losing battle against the weeds. He sais he couldn't keep up with their prolific growth. They just kept bouncing back, almost out of nowhere. What sort of invincible power was lurking behind these wild plants? Could this same power be harnessed to heal our body and mind?

As a medical doctor specializing in homeopathic and ayurvedic medicine, John was aware of the healing power of wild plants. One day, a thought entered my mind: why not use the same plants as both a source of food and medicine? He started blending the "weeds" together with fruit and came up with delicious, energy smoothies.

"That not only took care of my weeding problem, it also radically improved my health." Dr. Switzer

Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine, admonished us to use food as medicine. But what sort of food was he referring to? Veggies and fruits grown with fertilizer on leached-out, mineral-poor soil?  Maybe he was referring to wild plants. After all, these plants have been around for millions of years, while commercial veggies have been cultivated for only a few centuries. Because they have never been tampered with by man, they contain more health-bestowing nutrients than cultivated veggies: many phyto-chemicals, enzymes, chlorophyll and bio-photons can only be found in wild plants.

By blending wild plants with fruit and micromineral primal essence, an organic mineral concentrate containing 70+ organic trace minerals, a tasty, nutrient-rich cocktail can be whipped up. Drinking this cocktail on a daily basis will likely improve many aspects of your health: better sleep, sharper mental focus, enhanced energy and weight loss are just a few of the many benefits that could be experienced.

At our ayurvedic detox centre near Munich, Germany one receives a daily smoothie of freshly-picked wild herbs, fruits and microminerals. These powerful nutrients are excellent for detoxification. You, too, can experience the power of mineralized wild green smoothies by attending one of our teaching seminars. Learn how one or two wild plant smoothies, fortified with the micromineral primal essence, can provide valuable nutrients needed for optimizing your metabolism and immune system.

For thousands of years, man has relied on wild plants as his chief source of food. Even today, native peoples who include wild plants in their diet experience little in the way of degenerative disease.  Since our "stone-age body" is already programmed to thrive on wild food, it is likely that our physical and mental health will benefit by including wild plants in our diet. The wild green energy smoothies and crackers are the easiest and tastiest way to accomplish this.

At the seminar you will be taught to identify some of the most common and important wild plants growing in the vicinity. You will learn how to concoct tasty smoothies from wild plants such as horsetails, lamb's quarters, dandelion, mallow and nettles. We will also be making wildcrafted enzyme crackers as a replacement for bread and other carbs.

The following table illustrates the nutrient density of wild sting nettles vs. lettuce in 100 grams. Lettuce doesn't even come close to the massive amount of nutrients contained in wildcrafted sting nettles:




Vit. C

Vit. A



11 mg

37 mg

13 mg

130 mg

1.1 mg


71 mg

630 mg

333 mg

740 mg

7.8 mg

Wildpflanzen: Franke u.a. 1981, Dümmer 1984 u.a., Kulturpflanzen: Souci u.a. 1986/87)

Disclaimer: The use of wild plants as a food source is not meant to replace any medicine you may be currently taking. Please consult with your health care provider before making any changes in your diet.

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