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Wildcrafted Enzyme Crackers

These nutrient-rich crackers are made from freshly-picked wild plants and soaked flax seeds. They are incredibly healthy, tasty and filling. Even children love them! They pack an incredible array of nutrients and are far superior to energy bars or sport drinks.


Begin the process by soaking one cup of flax seeds for 2 - 3 days. After 3 days the seeds will often begin to sprout. The longer they soak, the more enzymes which are released! The more enzymes you eat, the better you feel and the younger you will look!

Fill up your blender or vita-mix 2/3 full with wild plants such as nettles or lamb's quarters.

Then add the following ingredients:

  • Place one-half of the soaked flax seeds into the blender. Set the remaining soaked flax seeds aside;
  • Add 1 cup dried tomatoes and 6 medium-size onions;
  • Add 4 tablespoons of the Phyto-Micromineral Primal-Essence (Phyto-Micromineralien Ur-Essenz) per quart for over 70+ organic trace minerals;

Fill the blender up with clean water, almost to the top and blend.

Then stir in the remaining soaked flax seeds trough the mixture, they give the crackers their crunch.

Dehydrate at 110 F or 35 C for 8 hours using a food dryer, then cut into crackers, flip, and dry another 4 hours or until done. You can also dry the crackers in the sun and save energy.

Nutritional Points

The wild plants provide your body with a rich supply of powerful phyto-nutrients which you can't buy at the grocery or even health food store. These plant-derived substances are able to strengthen the immune system and metabolism.

Flax seeds contain lignans, which contain cancer-fighting properties. They are also great for getting your digestive tract back into shape. Flax seeds contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids, important for keeping inflammation in check and supporting cognitive processes in the brain.
The addition of the Phyto-Micromineral Primal-Essence brings valuable organic trace minerals to the crackers. These minerals are often missing in our food supply due to leached out soil and the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

These crackers are a great replacement for gluten-containing bread, which has a tendency to gum up your intestinal tract and make you fat and lethargic. The wildcrafted greens are also excellent for restoring health to your intestinal flora.

The crackers are incredibly satisfying and will help prevent cravings for sweets and starchy carbs to arise. Combine a few crackers with a wildcrafted green smoothie for further nutrient enhancement!

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