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Wild Dandelion Sushi

Here is the most remarkable sushi recipe that I have ever tasted, better than the real thing!

It is the best raw food recipe I have ever created! My wife and I eat it almost every day.

This sushi recipe comes alive with the nutritional power of dandelions. All six Ayurveda tastes are present in this recipe: the cashew cream gives it a sweet taste, the tamari soy sauce a salty taste, the dandelions a bitter and astringent taste, the red pepper and wasabi paste a slightly pungent taste, the dill pickle a sour taste. According to Ayurveda, all six tastes balance the body's energy, thereby reducing the tendency to develop cravings, especially for sweets, chocolate, chips and other junk foods.

The wild dandelion sushi recipe is so filling and satisfying that you won't need any cheese, meat or sausage after eating it. It contains every nutrient that your body needs, including protein, minerals from the sea, vitamins, biophotons from the freshly picked dandelions as well as enzymes and lots of important phytochemicals and antioxidants.


  • Buy a spray bottle at a garden center and fill it up with tamari soy sauce. This will make it easier to moisten the nori seaweed sheets, although you could also use a brush;
  • Buy nori seaweed sheets at an asian market or health food store, which are used for making sushi;
  • Moisten them by using the spray bottle filled with the tamari or nama shoyu soya sauce;
  • The secret of this recipe is the cashew "cheese." Blend ½ cup of cashews with ½ cup of water, 1 tbsp lemon juice. This gives you the cashew cream cheese;
  • Take two nori sheets, spray with tamari and "glue" them together so that about two inches of each sheet overlap and stick together. This creates a larger nori sheet which will make it easier to roll up;
  • Pick dandelions fresh from your garden so that they will have soaked up lots of biophoton energy particles from the sun, the optimal anti-oxidant. Place about 10 dandelion leaves flat out on the nori sheet. Spread a layer of cashew cream cheese over the dandelions;
  • Then chop about 2/3 cup of white or blue cabbage very finely and spread a layer of the chopped cabbage over the dandelions and cheese. As an option, you could also add some sprouts;
  • Now place slivers of avocado and red pepper on top of the cabbage. Then take two dill pickles, slice length wise and also place on top of the cabbage;
  • Now spread about 1 tablespoon of wabasi paste on top. You could also use mustard if you are a mustard lover. Now wrap it up. The trick is to roll up the nori sheet, firmly pressing down on top of the contents as you roll it up. The sheet must be moistened with soy sauce before so that it sticks together;
  • With a super sharp knife, cut into sections.

Tip: visit a sushi restaurant and watch how the chef rolls up the suhi. It is easy once you get the hang of it.

"Enjoy this super healthy and filling sushi, the most incredible raw food recipe I have ever experienced! Even if you are not a lover of raw food, you will love the blend of delicate tastes in this powerhouse nutritional treat. As it is low cal, it will help you lose weight." Dr. Switzer


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