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Sting nettles.

The Sting Nettle Smoothie Miracle

Discover the Ultimate Health Tonic: A freshly-picked, Wildcrafted Sting-Nettle - Biophoton - Smoothie!

Now Available from Microminerals USA

This smoohie is made out of freshly-picked, wild sting-nettles (urtica urens), organic fruit and micromineral primal essence, containing approximately 80 organic trace elements.

The nettle tonic is especially effective in detoxing the blood and lymphatics, eliminating arterial plaque, freeing the intestines from built-up sludge, treating depression, jump-starting the metabolism, strengthening the immune system and supporting weight loss. The wild sting nettle is well known in Germany for its excellent detoxification qualities. It is able to help the liver and kidneys rid themselves of accumulated wastes.

Blending sting nettles with fruit and organic trace elements may be the best and tastiest method of rejuvenating the body. Nothing else compares.  Lose weight, discover inner energy and improve your overall well being with a wild crafted plant growing at our biotop here in southern California!

This blend of sting nettles and organic fruits delivers a smoothie that is so delicious even children and infants will eat it. Now you can order this health tonic here in the U.S. We pick, process and ship our sting nettles from our biotop here in sunny southern California on the same day we receive your order. You receive one quart of chilled nettle-fruit smoothie the following day. We guarantee your total satisfaction.

A wildcrafted Smoothie more Powerful than a Multi-Vitamins? Or Blue-Green Algae?

Everyone has heard about the importance of vitamins for health and vitality. But what about bio-photons, the energy particles found in all living  plants? What about phyto-nutrients from powerful wild plants such as the stinging nettle? This wild plant has both: biophotons, which are powerful antioxidants, and thousands of phyto-nutrients. These organic compounds are able to jump-start your metabolism and immune system as well as to detox your body in a big way.

Bio-photons and phyto-nutrients may be our most important nutrients. Isolated vitamins are much less effective in treating disease. Bio-photons could be the missing link in our health equation. They are our most powerful antioxidants in the battle against free radicals, a major factor in the development of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimers.

Germans have always held wild sting nettles in great esteem. During the war, it kept them from starving. Now it has been rediscovered for its health-bestowing properties. Germans affectionately call it the king of the wild herbs. Now, you too, can enjoy a high-powered, freshly-processed, wild plant in the form of a delicious fruit smoothie. Even a gourmet cook once exclaimed on German TV that the taste of the smoothie was premium and he could not be improved on.

Stop Aging with Wild Plants!

The reason why animals in the wild do not show the usual signs of degeneration or old age is because they live on wild plants. Their high bio-photon and phytonutrient intake keeps degeneration, aging and disease at bay. Animals in the wild don't get Alzheimer or cancer because they are protected by the biophotons.  By ingesting a delicious wild plant cocktail on a daily basis we can get our health back on track.

By using high-energy, wild-crafted plants such as sting nettles, we can easily increase our bio-photon and phytonutrient intake. This will jump start your vital energy, and create a stronger metabolism and immune system. With help of the nettles, the blood flows more freely through the tiny capillaries, leading to a healthier circulatory system.

Bio-photons and phyto-nutrients are missing from almost all our foods today. When fruits and veggies are transported and stored, they begin to lose their bio-photons. Phyto-nutrients are largely eliminated during the breeding process when strains of vegetables and fruits are developed. That is why there are very few veggies that still contain bitter properties. Even a grapefruit seems to taste more like an orange.

Yet, our body depends on thousands of phyto-nutrients for superior health. Without a good nutrient supply, we will eventually need to turn to drugs to control our cholesterol or get our blood pressure under control. Taking isolated vitamins will also not suffice.

When we cook food or ingest medications or toxins, we destroy our body's bio-photon supply. When we take chemotherapy, we literally age overnight. Why fast forward the aging process when we can slow it down with bio-photons? When we eat salads that have been transported and stored for several days after harvest, their bio-photons have disappeared. Canned and microwaved food contains no bio-photons. To improve our health, we need a massive infusion of bio-photons.  Only then can our vital energy begin to surge.

Without enough bio-photons to fight free radicals, it is only a matter of time before health begins to suffer. We need powerful antioxidants to keep oxidation in check, especially in our toxic environment. A daily wildcrafted smoothie, made out of sting nettles, fruit and organic microminerals can give us that massive infusion of bio-photons and phytonutrients our body needs to stay healthy.

In order to regain our health, we need to first detox our body and then to optimize our nutrient intake. By ingesting massive amounts of bio-photons and phyto-nutrients, we can do both at the same time. The sting-nettle smoothie can literally kick-start our metabolism, strengthen our immune system, eliminate toxins, and possibly even prevent killer diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's from arising. In Germany, sting nettles are also used for reducing cholesterol, triglycerides and shrinking an enlarged prostate gland and uterus fibroids.

Research has shown that indigenous people like the Dagestanis from the Caucasus region of Russia enjoy incredibly robust health due to their regular intake of wild plants. They are famous for their super-longevity.

We can join the super-healthy Dagestanis by ingesting freshly processed nettle cocktails on a regular basis. Why turn to drugs if we can get the original from Mother Nature?

Our smoothie is also rich in organic minerals: we add a fluid, organic mineral solution (Phyto-Micromineral Primal-Essence) to the smoothie, which adds approximately 80 different angstrom-size and negatively-charged organic trace minerals. Due to these superior organic minerals, many people report fewer cravings for chocolate, sweets, alcohol, meat, milk products and starchy carbs. This can be a big help in weight loss.

Sting nettles contain a whole array of important nutrients: vitamins, enzymes, fiber, chlorophyll, minerals and literally thousands of phyto-nutrients. Any multi-vitamin preparation pales in comparison. Nettles also act as an appetite suppressant. They also elevate the mood and make us happy. They can be an important adjunct in treating depression. Nettles are also great in stimulating the liver and kidneys. Many German clinics and spas employ nettle smoothies as an important detox treatment.

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