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The Ultimate Wild Plant Detoxification Protocol and Weight Loss

Achieve Significant Weight Loss through Optimal Detoxification

  1. First, detox your body with a nutrient-rich Wildplant-Superfood-Micromineral Detox Combo
  2. Then you could watch your fat melt away as your metabolism and immune system come alive!

Microminerals USA is excited about our recent acquisition of a German proprietary formula designed for optimal detoxification and weight loss. Made from processed wild plants such as sting nettle leaves and seeds, horsetails, lambs quarters; probiotic, sprouted quinoa and flax seeds, shitake mushroom miso soup and organic micromineral primal essence, this wildplant-superfood-detox combo now makes its debut in the U.S. The technology for manufacturing this detox combo was created at a German health spa specializing in detoxification and weight loss.

We are excited to share what we think is the optimal method for achieving detoxification and significant weight loss. The strategy is to flood the body with rare nutrients from wild plants, probiotics and the organic micromineral primal essence. These nutrients act as catalysts to jump-start detoxification and initiate significant weight loss.

Detoxification is the Secret of Losing Weight

Before weight loss can take place, the body's fatty tissues must first release toxins stored deep within their cells. To make this happen, literally hundreds of super-nutrients must be ingested. Vitamins alone won't do the trick. Many of these nutrients are extremely rare due to mineral-deficient soils, lack of genetic vitality and a loss of nutrients due to transportation and storage.

The massive array of nutrients necessary for optimal detoxification can only be optained through the use of wild plants growing on mineral-rich, virgin soil, and need to be processed immediately after harvest. This is the secret for making the detoxification process come alive. Otherwise, true weight loss is a difficult goal indeed. Diets usually miss the boat because the toxins remain locked in within the body's fatty tissue.

Wild Plants: the Bavarian Secret for Deep and Profound Weight Loss

Throughout history, humans have turned to wild plants when they needed to detox their body. In the southern German state of Bavaria, spring was the traditional time for undergoing deep tissue detoxification. In order to "clean house", Bavarians harvested and consumed massive amounts of young nettle leaves and other wild plants during the 40 day period leading up to Easter. It was their annual spring cleansing rite, which they used to get rid of the excess baggage that had collected during the winter months. The wild plants were the secret for kick-starting the internal detoxification process and losing significant amounts of weight.

You, too, can profit from the experience and know-how of the Bavarians. Undergoing a similar detox program can enhance weight loss and also increase your sense of well-being. By using our wildplant-detox-combo, you, too, can enjoy a detoxification program that has been successfully used by thousands of people in Germany.

Ayurveda Health and Beauty is a healthcentre specializing in ayurvedic treatments near Munich, Germany. Their centre relies on treatment protocols using the leaves and seeds of wild plants such as nettles, horsetails and lamb's quarters. Using a special proprietary process, the nutrients from freshly-harvested wild plants, sprouted quinoa and flaxseeds, and sting nettle seeds are probiotically processed and turned into delicious-tasting smoothies, crackers, soup and middle-eastern style humus. Our overnight delivery will supply you with four wildcrafted products which will help balance your blood sugar, eliminate cravings, detox your body and thus create the prerequisites for losing weight. Their superior nutrient profile will help prevent hunger cravings from arising. This calorie-reduced, optimal nutrition program is the secret for making successful weight loss happen.

The high nutrient content of wild plants is unmatched by any other food source on the planet. In fact, it is almost impossible to obtain an optimal concentration of the needed biophotons and phytonutrients without turning to edible, wild plants. They are the true superfoods of the planet.

Wild plants such as nettles contain anywhere from 5 - 100 times the quantity of nutrients found in commercially grown vegetables and fruits. Since centuries, herbalists have valued their ability to activate the metabolism and immune system while eliminating toxins from the blood, lymph and digestive tract. Wild plants such as nettles are well known for their ability to purify the blood and digestive tract, an important prerequisite for losing weight. Also, the digestive fire and bile flow need to be stimulated before fat can be metabolized and eliminated. Otherwise, losing weight can be a difficult task, indeed.

The Bavarian health spa uses a special protocol which accelerates deep tissue purification. By detoxifying first, it is easier to melt away fat that has already released its toxins. This factor is overlooked by almost all weight loss programs today.

A thorough and profound detoxification program is the key for making weight loss happen. As long as your body hangs on to its toxins, it will also try to use its fatty tissue to buffer these toxins from playing havoc within the body. Losing weight is not entirely a function of reducing calories, it has a lot to do with a toxic overload. The body needs to insulate these toxins with fat so that they do not interfere with important metabolic functions of organs like the heart, liver and brain.

The incredible array of nutrients in the wild plant smoothies not only detox, they also help to curb excess hunger and cravings. The metabolism is and digestive fire are stimulated by their bitter compounds and phytonutrients. Curbing hunger and speeding up the metabolism is an important factor in any weight reduction program.

Many of the nutrients found in the wild plants are extremely rare and not available in organic veggies and fruits. Since the beginning of time, mankind has enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with wild plants. By eating these wild plants, we can tap into their unsurpassed energy and nutrient content. This is the most effective strategy for weight optimization available today. Diets invariably fail today because they have not recognized the important role that the nutrients of wild plants play in human physiology. Our stone-age bodies still are programmed to respond to the hundreds of phyto-nutrients that wild plants such as nettles contain.

Microminerals USA is proud to have required the technology for preparing these delicious wildcrafted, detox products. They are excited to be able to offer a proprietary detox package which has enjoyed an excellent tract record in Germany. It is a joy to be able to offer products that work, where customers can feel the difference literally within days.

Wild Plants: An Important Source of Food in Many Cultures throughout the World

Wild plants have always played an important role as a source of food in native Asian, European and Native American cultures. Indigenous people have always included wild plants in their diet. They consumed wild plants that kept their bodies healthy and lean. For example, natives living in Dagestan, a former Soviet republic located in the Caucausus mountains, include a wide variety of wild plants in their diet. They show few signs of degeneration like cancer or heart disease. Many live to be over hundred years of age, some made it to 120. Western-style obesity was never an issue for them.

It is hard to detox and lose weight if your body is not nourished with the huge array of nutrients needed to supercharge its metabolism and immune system. Even if you take fistfuls of vitamins, you will still be missing out on important phytonutrients, organic trace elements, biophoton energy particles, chlorophyll and bitter compounds found only in wild plants. This is why the wildcrafted ingredients play such an important role in this detox protocol.

Thousands of different phytonutrients obtained from the leaves and seeds of the wild plants will literally begin scrubbing away at plaque and sludge that has collected over years in the arteries and digestive tract. Toxins will start to be discharged from the blood, lymph and fatty tissues. Your body will start to become cleaner inside. According to Ayurveda, such internal cleansing is the prerequisite for successful weight loss. Yo-Yo diet type weight loss is usually only a temporary phenomena based on fluid loss.

Probiotic Sprouted Quinoa Humus

Quinoa Seeds were known as the gold of the Incas. They have an outstanding nutritional profile more complete than any other grain on the planet. The seeds are a provider of complete protein and even contain the amino acid lysine, which is missing in wheat and other grains.

When you order a wild plant-detox-combo package, you will receive a probiotic, supercharged, sprouted quinoa seed humus dish. The seeds are first sprouted and then probiotically processed, which predigests their nutrients, making their amino acids extremely easy to assimilate.

Combine the sprouted flax and nettle seed crackers with this probiotic quinoa humus for a delicious and filling meal. The seeds have an extremely low glycemic index and will prevent blood sugar swings and cravings from arising. The ingredients in this combo will help to detox the digestive tract and support the weight loss process.

Included in the detox package is a quart of wild plant smoothie processed from a combination of sting nettles, horsetail, lamb's quarters, micromineral primal essence and an assortment of organic fruit. Also included is a quart of delicious miso-shitake-nettle mushroom soup. Shitake mushrooms are famous in Asia for their ability to detox and strengthen the immune system.

This nutrient-dense combination will provide your body with massive amounts of the nutrients needed for jump-starting your body's detoxification process. We recommend starting out with one pint of wild plant smoothie and soup and adding a few sprouted nettle-flax seed crackers with probiotic sprouted quinoa humus.

Micromineral Primal Essence and MicroSynergy Plus

The detoxification process can be greatly enhanced by taking four tablespoons of MicroSynergy Plus with the wildcrafted smoothie. This nutrient mix provides additional nutrients such as organic trace minerals which can greatly enhance detoxification. The organic Phyto-Micromineral Primal-Essence has already been added to the wild plant smoothie. This organic mineral concentrate contains approximately 80 organic trace elements which are extremely easy for the digestive tract to assimilate. Many users of this organic mineral concentrate have experienced a noticeable reduction in their cravings for sugar, chocolate and other stimulants.

The Wild Plant Detox Combo includes the following ingredients:

  • 1 quart of wild plant smoothie prepared from nettles/horse tail/lamb's quarters, organic fruit and micromineral primal essence;
  • 1 quart of organic shitake mushroom - miso-nettle soup;
  • 6 oz. of sprouted organic flax-nettle seed crackers;
  • 8 oz. of organic probiotic quinoa humus.

This detox package should cover your nutritional needs for 2 - 3 days during your detoxification program. Please refrigerate immediately upon delivery.


Microminerals USA is not responsible for the use or misuse of any of the products of the Wildplant Detox Package. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain medical advice before undergoing any internal detoxification or weight loss treatment.

Always consult your physician or health care provider before undergoing detoxification at home.

The wild plants used in these products are included only for their food value and are not meant to be used as medicine for treating any health condition. They should not be used to replace any medicines currently being taken.

Symptoms such as diarrea, headache and skin rash may arise when taking wild crafted products. These symptoms are usually a sign that detoxification is taking place and will subside after a few days.

Further Information is available by contacting Microminerals USA: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

The Phyto-Microminerals Primal-Essence and MicroSynergy Plus are available in Europe at Rocky Mountain Minerals BV.

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