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Nettle and apple smootie.

Optimizing the Gerson Therapy with the Wild Plant Primal Diet

Api-Bee-Therapy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda Detox

A New Approach for Treating Chronic Degenerative Heart/Circulatory-, Neurological-, Autoimmune-, Inflammatory- and Cancer Diseases

Can food be used as medicine? This statement was made by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, over 2300 years ago. I believe that an optimal diet, containing wild plants, sprouted foods, fermentation juices, bio-photons, bee products and Asian mushrooms together with Ayurvedic detox protocols and the Gerson therapy can offer treatment options to patients with degenerative diseases such as cancer.

My name is Dr. John Switzer, MD. I studied medicine in Munich, Germany; qualifying in 1985. Since then, I have specialized in classical homeopathic and ayurvedic medicine. Since 1991, I have been the medical director of an ayurvedic detox clinic in Feldafing, south of Munich.  

Hippocrates inspired me to set out on a 15 year search for innovative healing foods and novel approaches for treating degenerative diseases. This investigation eventually led me to the world of wild plants, many of which were growing in my back yard. Soon, sting nettles, dandelions, lambs quarters, plantain, purslane, bellis, horsetails, cat's ears and other wild plants became my best friends. These plants are commonly known as "weeds", which is a derogatory term ignoring their tremendous healing power.

One day I had the inclination to mix stinging nettles together with fruit in my Vitamix. The result was a delicious, energizing cocktail, which soon became my favorite breakfast drink. I even began supplying my patients with sting nettle cocktails while they underwent our ayurveda panchakarma detox treatments, which last anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks. I have spent the past 25 years perfecting this rejuvenation treatment; I believe it is a very effective detox procedure.

While studying indigenous and robust cultures in the Caucasus mountain region of Russia, I discovered that these people, too, used wild plants in their diet. Various bee products such as fermented bee pollen, propolis and royal gelee were also highly prized for their health-bestowing nutrients. Garden veggies were fermented and preserved for the winter, and a fermented juice made from stale bread called kwass was consumed daily. Many of these people reached the age of 100 years and older and showed no signs of degeneration. Alzheimer and cancer were not on their agenda. We can learn much from their nutrition.

Sunshine, fresh air and a close-knit community were also important aspects of their healthy lifestyle. These people enjoyed a long, disease-free lifespan although they were far removed from modern medical care. Their extremely healthy and non-toxic diet insured their ability to handle almost any health challenge.

Russian scientists investigating these healthy and robust people were amazed by the almost total absence of degenerative disease such as cancer and heart/circulatory disease, which kill approximately 5 out of 6 Americans today.

I believe that their longevity is largely the result of eating freshly harvested, wild plants, fermented veggies and juices as well as various bee products. Their superior health inspired me to design a nutritional approach called the wild plant primal diet. I wrote two recipe books on this diet, both in German and English, listing therapeutic indications of various recipes which we also use at our ayurvedic clinic, located south of Munich, Germany. The main recipe book contains 189 therapeutic recipes.

Wildcrafted plants have never been altered or modified by humans. They have never undergone genetic selection or alteration like most veggies and fruits today. This leaves them with an unsurpassed array of powerful phyto-nutrients needed by the immune system for healing purposes.

Supermarket food, in comparison, is usually processed from such global staples as wheat, corn, rice, sugar beets and potatoes. There are very few phyto-nutrients left in any of these starchy foods, which are usually planted using hybrid- and GMO seeds. Processed, industrial foods such as flour, sugar, bread, noodles, french fries, fructose, processed soy protein, meat and dairy manufactured from these staples have been linked with inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, digestive issues, depression and even cancer.

At least 80% of all veggies and fruits have been derived from hybrid seeds, which have lost their ability to reproduce. The farmer must order new seeds each year from the seed producers, which is great for business but not so great for health. Hybrid seeds are involved in producing about 80% of all organic produce, according to a report by WISO, a German investigative magazine, in a report made in August 2014. Heirloom fruits and veggies are much more difficult to source. However, they contain more vitamins and phyto-nutrients than the fast-growing and sweeter hybrid veggies and fruits.

Wild plants are the answer to this quandary. These authentic plants will let you nourish your body with superior nutrients. Experience wildcrafted foods which have played an important role in the human diet for over 4,5 million years. Wild plants contain anywhere from 5 to 50 x the amount of nutrients available from veggies found at your grocery store.

Many of the most important phyto-nutrients and bio-photons needed by the immune system are missing in hybridized veggies and fruits. For example, a wild apple contains approximately 450x more phyto-nutrients than the hybrid apple "pink lady". The same is true for hybrid carrots, red beets and other veggies.

The Gerson Anti-Cancer Treatment emphasizes drinking up to 13 glasses of veggie and fruit juice daily. But can drinking juice from hybrid veggies really cure cancer? During the 1950's, when Dr. Gerson formulated his therapy, he was juicing non-hybrid vegetables. The hybrid "green revolution" came later, during the early 1960's.

Unfortunately, the use of hybrid carrots and red beets may cause Dr. Gerson's anti-cancer therapy to fail, due to a scarcity of phyto-nutrients and bio-photons . Why are these nutrients so important? Because the immune system relies on thousands of phyto-nutrients in order to initiate the production of anti-bodies, killer cells and other immune-modulating agents. Without them, the immune system is helpless when facing cancer or inflammatory cells. The immune system relies on phyto-nutrients, which come up short when hybridized fruits and veggies are used in the diet.

By adding wild plants to the Gerson therapy, and emphasizing the use of heirloom veggies when juicing, we have experienced improved therapeutic outcomes with our patients. This is an important message I wish to share with all Gerson practioners and patients. Juicing only hybrid veggies and fruits may sabotage the therapy's effectiveness!

An upgrade of the Gerson therapy is greatly needed, and using bee products, fermented juices, Asian mushrooms, classical homeopathy and ayurvedic detox protocols will accomplish that goal. These treatment modalities can give the Gerson a huge, therapeutic boost! Patients are so toxic today that complementary strategies are needed to support detoxification and the immune system.                                                                                                                              

The positive feedback I have received from my optimized Gerson therapy have motivated me to hire a professional film team in order to create German- and English-language DVDs. This DVD set explains in great detail the most important aspects of the therapy, along with several testimonials from successful cancer patients.

Patients who undergo an Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox treatment at our clinic have the chance to become acquainted with our novel, nutritional approach. Since our clinic is located near a wild plant natural preserve, they have a chance to become acquainted with many of the most important wildcrafted plants. Sting nettles, dandelion, goutweed, plantain, dead nettles, sow thistle, linden tree and many other wild plants provide unrivaled nutrition and healing power. Their energy footprint is truly amazing.

Wild plants strengthen the immune system and enlivened the mitochondria, two important aspects in successfully treating degenerative diseases such as cancer. When mitochondria are unable to process oxygen, cancer can arise.

Veggies and fruits cannot compete with wild plants. Jo-Ann Robinson, author of the book .... compared wild apples with hybrid apples. She found that wild apples contained up to 450 x more phyto-nutrients than the hybrid apple "Pink Lady", making the apple and its juice almost worthless. The same is true for sweet hybrid carrots and red beets. Hybridization has caused their sugar content to surge and their phyto-nutrient to plummet. Since Gerson recommended consuming large quantities of carrot juice, using hybrids could derail the therapy.

The original white, bitter-tasting grapefruits contain more than twice as many anti-cancer flavinoids than the sweet, red Grapefruit hybrids. The mild-tasting broccoli hybrid called "Packman" contains only 1/3 as much beta-carotin, a precursor to vitamin A, than other strains of the vegetable. The trend is clearly in favor of sweet hybrid veggies and fruits.

Conclusion: it is extremely important to either find a reliable source of heirloom, non-hybrid veggies and fruits, or use freshly-picked, wild plants, or both. Otherwise, it is unlikely that the Gerson treatment will deliver the hoped for therapeutic results.

Most of my patients are surprised how tasty the wild plant cocktails and dishes can be, many recipes are gourmet. The energy surge experienced after a wild plant cocktail can last for several hours, allowing one to skip lunch and snacks. Body, mind and spirit with an infusion of cutting-edge nutrients and bio-photons.

According to Professor Popp, a German bio-physicist, wild plants contain 10x more bio-photon energy particles than conventional veggies. Bio-photons are needed to energetically optimize our mitochondria, an important therapeutic aspect in treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. Nutrients from wild plants help eliminate chaos, entropy and degeneration at the cellular level.

Healthy cells can be compared to mini-batteries, containing a voltage potential of between 70 - 90 mili-volts. The voltage of cancer cells, however, only comes to 15 - 20 mili-volts. If you want to cure cancer, you need to dramatically increase their voltage potential.

This is why a massive infusion of bio-photons is necessary for a successful treatment outcome. This explains why some raw food diets have been effective in treating cancer. We searched for the best sources of bio-photons and came up with specially fermented juices, sprouted seed crackers, Budwig quark-oil and freshly-picked, wild plants. When patients suffering from degenerative diseases, including neurological disease and cancer, receive a massive infusion of bio-photons on a regular basis, miracles often start to happen.

Cells with a low voltage potential have difficulty in assimilating organic trace minerals, nutrients and oxygen. Low voltage cells can cause mitochondria to shut down and stop processing oxygen, a common finding in all serious diseases. Cells attempt to compensate by fermenting sugar, leading to a build-up of lactic acid with a left spin. Toxins begin to build-up in the cells. Cancer cells contain up to 100x more toxins than healthy cells.

Clearing out these toxins is the goal of the Ayurveda detox panchakarma treatment, the Gerson therapy and the wild plant primal diet. This combined treatment, along with an individualized home treatment, can give both cancer and recovering cancer patients a new health perspective.

According to Professor Popp, a failure to upgrade the electric voltage of cancer and inflammatory cells with bio-photons makes it extremely difficult to treat degenerative disease. This is an aspect that almost no one has seen on their radar screen. It is not taught in medical school. Professor Popp made this discovery at least 40 years ago, and called bio-photons the most important nutrient for treating serious disease. Shut off the flow of bio-photons and cancer begins to spread.

Voltage-Gated Ion Channels in Cancer Cell Proliferation; Vidhya R. Rao, Mathew Perez-Neut; Cancers 2015 Jun, 7 (2): 849-875

The Role of Fermentation Juices:Kombucha.250

Russian scientists made an incredible discovery during the last century: people who consumed fermented foods and juices such as kvass and kombucha tea were almost completely immune from cancer and other degenerative diseases. Years ago, when the Germans tended their gardens and ate fermented veggies such as sauerkraut on a daily basis, only about 2% of the population died from cancer. Now, 50% of all men and 35% of all women are projected to contract cancer during their lifetime. Even Solschenyzn, the great Russian author, claimed to have cured his stomach cancer by drinking kombucha tea, a fermented juice. President Reagen skipped chemotherapy and opted for one liter of kombucha tea on a daily basis following his colon cancer operation. He died at 93 years of age.

Dr. Johannes Kuhl, a German anti-cancer doctor, wrote several books in the 1960s about his success treating cancer with fermented juices. We have adopted many of his ideas and protocols in our wild-plant primal therapy and Ayurveda detox treatment.

Our experience with fermentation juice has been extremely gratifying. Patients are surprised by their newly discovered energy, improved digestion, better sleep and more positive mood. A positive synergy develops when the Gerson therapy is combined with the wild plant primal diet.

Dr. Johannes Kuhl was able to show how fermentation juices could increase ammonium secretion by the liver by a factor of 400x. This allows the liver to reduce toxic nitrogen, which can impair liver metabolism. Gerson was adamant about the need to thoroughly detox the liver in order to keep cancer in check.

Nitrate can be transformed into nitrite in the intestines and become a powerful carcinogen, hence the need to avoid nitrate in meats, sausage, cheese, and greenhouse plants such as spinach and rocket. Nitrate in the form of NPK is used by industrial agriculture as a mineral fertilizer, hence the need to use organic foods and wild plants. Glyphosphat used as a herbicide is another potential carcinogen which needs to be avoided.

The wild plant primal therapy includes the following treatment modalities:

Freshly processed juices from organic veggies, roots, sprouts and wild plants

Dr. Gerson recommended that his cancer patients ingest a freshly-pressed juice on an hourly basis. However, not all patients are able to drink this amount of juice, especially if a wild plant fruit smoothie is consumed. When using wild plants, less juice is needed. Only non hybrid-sourced veggies should be juiced.

The fermentation juices take the Gerson therapy to a whole new level. They dramatically increase the therapeutic efficacy of the juice therapy. Carrot juice is no match. To make fermentation juices, wild millet sprouts, root veggies, bee pollen and apricot kernels (vitamin B-17 source) are fermented for one week. This simple recipe can be viewed on our new DVD (in English and German).

By fermenting these superfoods, the sugar content of the juice is reduced by 100%, thereby reducing insulin level. Since cancer cells need loads of sugar and insulin, they end up empty-handed. Diabetics also profit from these powerful fermentation juices because insulin is kept at bay.

Dr. Gerson stressed drinking up to 4 liters of juice daily. We recommend drinking a 500 ml wild plant smoothie, 750 ml fermented juice and 1.5 liters of Gerson juices. This along with a wild plant salad, raw sprouted crackers and some cooked foods in the evening, along with some special anti-cancer superfoods makes up the therapy .

The juices help eliminate acids, heavy metals and toxins from the cells and organs. The fermented juice helps to optimize the intestinal flora and eliminate excess ammonium from the intestines. The juices and wild plants contain an excellent mix of vitamins, bio-photons, organic trace minerals and phyto-nutrients; the optimal mix needed by your body to heal!


In Russia and Eastern Europe cancer is treated with a whole array of bee products such as perga bee bread, propolis, fermented bee pollen, beewax, bee venom, apranil and gelee royal. Several of these products have proven anti-cancer effects, according to several scientific studies. Bee products are a well-kept secret in the treatment of cancer.

Bee products can also be fermented, which can increase their efficacy and improve nutrient uptake in the intestines. This something we do with our fermentation juices, a process that we demonstrate on our new cancer DVD.

Bee products should belong to every anti-cancer protocol. Their superior nutrient profile can help optimize any immune system. I cannot imagine an effective therapy without them, just talk to Russian and Rumanian doctors.

Ayurveda Detox Protocols:

Since over 25 years we have employed the classic ayurveda panchakarma treatment as a means of detoxing our patients. This treatment, together with the wild plant primal diet and Gerson therapy, frees the body's channels, cells and organs from heavy metals, toxins, acids, and metabolic debris. I believe that this is the ultimate detox protocol. Patients can experience it when undergoing a panchakarma treatment at our ayurveda clinic located near Munich, Germany (for further details, see below).

Another method we use is our detox day protocol, which can be carried out once a week. Patients take ayurvedic herbal remedies, together with ghee or coconut oil as well as an organic mineral concentrate (micromineral primal essence). This detox method helps flush out massive amounts of toxic build-up in the body. Together with the Gerson coffee enemas, it is an effective method for keeping cancer in check, since cancer cells can only arise in a toxic milieu.

By doing this detox day on a regular basis, insulin is reduced and cancer cells experience massive sugar withdrawal. Without sugar, cancer cannot grow, since they consume 20 x more sugar than normal cells. Eating wild plants also reduces insulin, which helps to check inflammation and diabetes. Cancer is also a type of inflammation. It becomes less inflammatory as the body becomes less toxic, which is the whole strategy of the Gerson therapy. Cancer cells which are no longer inflammatory have become pacified and are less threatening.  

Dr. Gerson's Coffee Enemas

Dr. Gerson's main detox strategy were the administration of coffee enemas, an amazing discovery which he made while treating wounded soldiers in World War I. By administering coffee enemas, pains and inflammation could be treated without using morphium.

The coffee enemas dilate bile ducts in the liver, which helps to flush out toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nitrate and toxic debris from this important organ. Only an optimally functioning liver can keep cancer at bay.

Our patients become acquainted with coffee enemas during their stay with us. They can become carried out using a simple and inexpensive apparatus while seated on the toilet. Coffee enemas can be administered for conditions other than cancer, or as a general, preventive measure.

Many patients report experiencing heightened mental clarity and alertness following administration of a coffee enema. Once you have experienced the natural "high" following an enema, you want want to miss it. The feeling is similar to pushing the reset button on your computer.

The Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox-Treatment, supported by the Wild Plant Primal Diet:

Since over 25 years I have offered Ayurvedic detox treatments at our clinic here in Feldafing on beautiful Lake Starnberg, south of Munich, Germany. Patients stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel where our main treatment clinic is located. Main office, teaching kitchen, lecture hall, dining room and other treatment rooms are located nearby. Feldafing takes 38 minutes to reach from the Munich Hauptbahnhof main station.

Our strategy is to use a clinical detox treatment (duration: two to three weeks), wild plants, fermentation juices, api-bee treatment, classical homeopathy and aspects of the Gerson therapy. The results have been extremely gratifying as confirmed by several patient testimonies which can be seen on our DVD.

The panchakarma treatment begins with an intestinal cleanse, followed by a five day modified fast, where various ayurvedic herbal remedies, ghee/coconut oil and microminerals are ingested. Feelings of hunger are completely eliminated. This pretreatment is followed by intensive full-body oil massages, heat treatments, intestinal cleanses and energy treatments. Patients also receive an individual, homeopathic treatment.

During panchakarma, patients receive instructions about the Gerson therapy, coffee enemas, fermentation juices and the wild plant primal diet. Tasty, wild plant recipes, cocktails, soups and raw sprouted crackers are served. This is the healthiest, most nutrient-rich diet on the planet, wild plants are picked daily (except during the winter months, where we grow more sprouts). Frequent meetings with Dr. Switzer are scheduled.    

The goal of the treatment is a comprehensive detox of the body's organs and digestive system, followed by a strengthening of the metabolism, immune system and digestive fire. Our aim is to discern our patient's constitutional weakness, so that an optimal homeopathic, ayurvedic and dietary treatment can be prescribed.

Every patient receives an individual home treatment program. Follow-up telephone consultations (skype) are available.

Our staff is bilingual, so communication should be no problem. Dr. Switzer has German-American roots. An airport pickup can be arranged (1 hour commute). For more information, please contact Dr. Switzer at: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

The Budwig Protein-Oil Diet

During the last century, Dr. Budwig, a German chemist, conducted a campaign against trans-fats, margarine and other industrial fats, which she believed played an important role in the current cancer epidemic.

As a therapy, she developed a unique recipe which included a type of cottage cheese made out of raw, unpasteurized milk called "quark" and cold-pressed flax seed oil. Using this recipe, she was able to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients, earning the contempt of the medical establishment.

By mixing raw milk "quark" with flaxseed oil, a unique lipoprotein is formed, which helps rejuvenate the body's cell membranes. Quark is a type of cottage cheese made from raw milk. This lipoprotein helps improve the uptake of nutrients into the cells. According to Dr. Budwig, her diet will help the cells to assimilate more oxygen, which can effectively shut down cancer cells.

We have incorporated Budwig's treatment protocol in our wild plant primal therapy. The "quark" and flax oil cocktail is especially tasty when mixed with our api-bee-therapeutix mix, consisting of gelee royal/propolis/fermented bee pollen. Patients have commented how compatible the Budwig cocktail is with the Gerson and fermentation juices.

Neurological and other degenerative diseases can also profit from the wild plant primal diet and the Budwig approach, which contains important nutrients such as vitamins, lecithin, cholin, niacin, phosphatadylserin, bio-photons and omega 3 fatty acids, all important for the nervous system.

Asian Mushrooms for Treating Chronic-Degenerative Disease

Reishi.250Japan and China have a long tradition of using vital mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, maitake, shitake, corolius and oyster mushrooms in the treatment of cancer and other, inflammatory diseases including diabetes. The mushrooms contain long-chain carbohydrates and other nutrients which are able to optimize the immune system. Mushrooms are also included in our protocol. It would be shortsighted not to profit from the excellent results made by Japanese and Chinese doctors with their mushrooms.

The panchakarma treatment is an excellent opportunity for patients to acquaint themselves with a nutritional approach offering the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Massive amounts of bio-photons, phyto-nutrients, organic trace minerals, vitamins do not come in pills. Once you experience this diet, you won't want to miss it! The revitalizing effect is so amazing you will keep coming back for more!

For further information, please refer to my English recipe book: The Wildplant Primal Diet, Ayurveda Health & Beauty Diet. 2015

"Think outside the box!" was the mantra of Albert Einstein, Nobel prize winner. Only by searching for answers outside the normal mindset can solutions be found for complex problems. This is certainly the case when looking for effective strategies for treating cancer. Both Dr. Gerson and Dr. Budwig were famous for their unconventional solutions for treating cancer patients.

In order to find new, inexpensive, low-tech strategies, we simply need to review the experiences made by Drs. Gerson, Budwig and Kuhl. An effective treatment cannot be judged by its price alone. Sometimes, inexpensive fermentation juices, bee remedies, wild plant cocktails, raw sprouted crackers and coffee enemas will bring more relief to a cancer patient than the most expensive medical intervention.

Knowledge has Organizing Power!

Today new strategies are needed in order to treat degenerative diseases such as cancer, dementia, autoimmune, neurological, inflammatory and heart/circulatory system diseases. A panchakarma treatment of 2 - 3 weeks will help acquaint you with innovative strategies that can upgrade your health and well-being.

This treatment has taken over 15 years to develop. It is a unique synergy of the Gerson and Budwig therapies, wild plant primal diet, fermentation juices, Ayurveda detox, classical homeopathy. Patients will learn the nuts and bolts of this therapy during their stay with us.

Books: Dr. Switzer's Wild Plant Primal Diet recipe book (english version) and DVD can be ordered from rockymountainminerals.eu

Information on our Ayurveda panchakarma detox treatment can be obtained on request by sending an email to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Disclaimer: Patients should refer to their physician before making any changes to their therapy.

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