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Bio-Photon Nutrition and Wild Green Energy Smoothies for Optimal Health

Combining bio-photons and cyclical eating are wonderful ways to purify the body and stimulate the production of neuro-transmitters in your brain. This will improve your overall health and help you to experience more inner happiness and joy. The production of hormones by the endocrine system will be enhanced, making your body feel younger and more energetic.

You too can improve your health by increasing your intake of these bio-photon energy particles. It will help jump start your metabolism, enliven your immune system and even stimulate the chemistry of your brain. By introducing a few minor changes in your diet, your health is going to improve. This is a simple law of physics: increase the light energy input into your body and you increase the level of order. Since disease is fueled by disorder, you will naturally pull the plug on ill health. Then it is simply a matter of time before you begin to see the results.

The beauty of including bio-photons in your diet is its easy application. The recipes are tasty and easy to prepare. Many of these high-energy bio-photon foods are probably growing in your back yard. All you have to do is go out and pick a few wild plants. It will help save you a bundle on your grocery bill and most likely give you a feeling of satiety that you never had before. Practically everyone can find dandelions growing in their backyard.

This simple nutritional concept could potentially turn your health around, even if you keep eating a few of your "comfort" foods. A more advanced dietary approach would be to include cyclical eating, a calorie-restricted nutritional approach using several nutrient-dense foods. This calorie-reduced, optimal nutrition (CRON) longevity diet holds the potential for creating even deeper healing within your physiology.
This dietary concept is worth giving a try. The concept is simple and yet may sound a bit strange at first. Your conventionally-minded family and friends might not approve. But according to many testimonials, it works!

Mark Twain once remarked that if you are in agreement with the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. By upgrading your diet with bio-photons and enzymes, you can begin to disengage yourself from the destructive cultural eating habits of our culture. By upgrading your diet, you will be able to insulate yourself from chronic diseases so widespread in our society today.

There is nothing you can lose except a few old, engrained eating habits that may be leading you down the road to disease. Test the bio-photon diet for six weeks and you might start to experience a big of mind-body transformation.

Fast food, cooked and processed food will never give your body the bio-photon energy it needs to create a state of inner order. You need fresh, unprocessed food to make that happen - the fresher, the better. The freshest, most concentrated sources of bio-photons are the leaves and flowers of wild plants. Fresh greens such as swiss chard, kale, bok choi, parsley and spinach come in second. The bio-photon energy particles from these freshly harvested plants will help your body create the source of inner order it needs to attain a heightened state of health and well-being.

Bio-Photons - Light Energy Particles for Optimal Health

Kirilian photography has been around for years and can capture on film the light aura emitted by the living cells of a plant. Prof. Popp was the first researcher who could actually quantify the intensity of this light emission. As a result, he could show that major differences exist in the amount of bio-photons radiated by vegetables and fruit.

Probably his most interesting finding was the fact that bio-photons could lower the overall state of entropy, or disorder, of a living system. Bio-photons could transfer order into a disordered, chaotic state. Disorder is tantamount to disease; a state of order is synonymous with vibrant health.

Bio-photon energy is light energy of a particular wavelength that can be compared to a laser beam. Our cells are able to absorb this highly ordered frequency of light, allowing them to oscillate at a higher frequency. A higher frequency leads to a higher state of order and an enhanced style of cellular functioning.

Dr. Switzer's fascination with this new nutritional paradigm motivated him to conduct seminars where participants could sample various tasty, wild, bio-photon foods such as freshly-picked, green leafy veggies and wild plants. Everyone was amazed at how great the foods tasted. The feedback was always overwhelmingly positive. Many have been able to lose weight, increase their energy, detox their body, and get rid of aches, pains and other annoying ailments.

The research of Professor Popp suggests that food needs to be approached from a completely different paradigm. Popp considers the bio-photon content to be of far greater importance than just the nutrient or caloric content of a food. Of course vitamins, and especially organic minerals and trace elements play an important role. But Popp's research has indicated that bio-photons are probably more important other nutrients. In fact, he believes that human beings are first and foremost "bio-photon eaters" instead of just "calorie burners." If we ignore the importance of these bio-photons, we will eventually suffer the consequences.

By taking in bio-photons from freshly-picked food such as wild plants or green leafy veggies, we are infusing order into our cells. You can compare it to the highly-ordered light of a laser beam. This laser light is the way that cells communicate with each other. They don't talk to each other via hormones, chemicals, or nerve impulses; they do it with beams of light! The more light energy the cells soak up from food, the more light they will have to exchange information with each other. The body's cells and organs will start to operate in a more effective manner. Less bio-photon light intake will invariably lead to more chaos, increased entropy and more disease.

When we go grocery shopping, we would almost need Popp's bio-photon light meter in order to measure the intensity of the bio-photons being emitted by the food. We would probably be surprised to find that canned, processed and frozen food emit almost no bio-photons whatsoever. Even in the produce section it would be hard to find veggies and fruits emitting significant quantities of bio-photons. If we really wanted to find massive amounts of bio-photons, we would have to harvest edible wild plants or garden-fresh fruits and veggies. This is where farmer's markets might come in handy.

The lowly weed will eventually triumph over all the cultivated, hybridized, genetically-designed, flavor-enhanced, nitrate-laden, veggies on the supermarket shelves! It is only a question of time until appreciation for wild plants will grow. When people discover the incredible amount of nutrients and bio-photon energy in wild plants, a culinary revolution may begin. The green smoothie recipes are the tasty way to make it happen.

Wild plants contain at least 5 - 10 times more nutrients - vitamins, enzymes, phytochemicals and bio-photons - than normal cultivated veggies. 15 grams of nettles contain far more nutrients than 100 grams of healthy romaine lettuce, and are free for the picking.
Many people have had wonderful experiences using the wild plants recipes. Some people get so healthy that they don't need a doctor anymore. For them, raw food in the form of wild green recipes has become their medicine of choice. Combining the green smoothies with the microminerals adds about 70+ angstrom-size, ionized trace elements for additional nutritional punch.

The Phyto-Micromineral Primal-Essence will help mineralize the body by providing over 70 organic minerals and trace elements. It has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and immune system. It will help overcome cravings for carbs, sugar, chocolate, and other foods which can make the transition into a new way of eating difficult. It also stimulates the immune system, reducing the incidence of colds and influenza.

Due to the effect of worn-out soils and acid rain, minerals have been leached out of the topsoil. This also affects the mineral content of wild plants. As a result, most people will profit from using an organic mineral supplement, such as the Micromineral Primal Essence. This will help balance the metabolism and eliminate food cravings.

Even butterflies are known to alight on a puddle of muddy water in order to suck up some of the mineral-rich mud. If we are missing some of the over 70 plus organic minerals and trace elements, as most of us are, then cravings are bound to arise. This can make up-grading our diet a difficult task. By filling up your mineral depots with high quality, organic minerals, cravings will often disappear! It is a great way for overcoming addictions to carbs, sugar, chips, meat, and a host of other things, including alcohol and tobacco.

For example, if we are lacking zinc and chromium, we might crave a steak. When vanadium is missing, our blood sugar can begin to gyrate and we start fantasizing about carbs and sugar. A lack of calcium might increase the desire for dairy products; a scarcity of iodine might get us thinking about fish. A magnesium deficiency could increase the desire for chocolate, a lack of sulfur for eggs, and when cobalt is missing, we could develop an urge for a steak. When organic salt is missing, we could easily wolf down a bag of salted nuts or chips.

There is no way that hybridized grains, veggies, and fruits can fill all of our mineral needs. As a result, most of us are experiencing cravings. Taking this organic mineral concentrate containing +70 trace minerals will put these cravings to rest and help provide our body with important building blocks.

The ground-breaking research carried out by Professor Popp, a German physicist, has demonstrated beyond a doubt that bio-photon energy depends on the health of a plant. Every living cell emits units of light called bio-photons. Strong, healthy cells emit more light than weaker cells. Vegetables picked off the shelf at a grocery store usually emit a low level of light energy because bio-photons are lost during transportation and storage. Chemical or heat treatment employed to ripen or preserve the veggies makes things even worse. Radiation treatment carried out with gamma rays in order to increase shelf life insures total destruction of bio-photons.

As a result, we might be buying attractive fruits and veggies, but their bio-photon energy content may actually be close to zero. For example, avocados may be heat treated in order to speed up ripening. Heat treatment above 40 C or 110 F not only kills enzymes, but also eliminates bio-photons. The heat kills the life force of the cells. Even "raw" almonds may actually have been pasteurized.

What it all boils down to is that supermarkets or even organic food labels cannot be trusted to provide you with bio-photon energy. To be absolutely sure that you are getting 100% live, organic food that will power up your body with bio-photons, you have to grow a garden or forage for wild plants. Commercial vegetables, especially the hybrids, don't have much of a chance against wild plants. They immediately get crowded out. Slugs and insects are attracted to genetically weak vegetables, but leave the weeds untouched.

Wild plants are simply too vibrant and strong to succumb to bugs. Their life force is awesome. They contain the full invincible power of Mother Nature. There is nothing artificial about them. They have not been genetically tampered with like most commercial vegetable plants. It is their amazing life force that is able to increase our own vitality.

Any time man tinkers with the genetic make-up of plants, their life force diminishes. This seems to be a law of nature. Genetically selecting plants according to their traits weakens the plant and makes them more susceptible to disease. Genetically-designed plants have a weak life force which cannot bestow health on us.

A dandelion able to sprout through a crack in a concrete sidewalk is an incredibly powerful plant. There is absolutely no commercial salad green that can match a similar feat. If you have the choice, then go for the power of the dandelion instead of the iceberg lettuce. It is great to have some primal energy at work inside our body to increase the vital force.

Millions of people think they are doing their body a favor by frequenting salad bars. Sure, it might beat out cooked fare, but can commercially raised lettuce, tomatoes and carrots bestow vitality? Hardly! There is simply no life force left in these salad bar veggies. Anybody who has eaten salads made from freshly-picked wild foods can appreciate the difference. There is no comparison.

Wild plants contain anywhere from 5 - 20 times more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, and enzymes than cultivated veggies. Their bio-photon content is also much higher. Wild plants simply give you more bang for the buck, and don't come with an inflated price tag! They are free for the taking!

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