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Wake up your Energy Channels

Regular infusions of bio-photons will start to open up dormant energy channels (nadis) within the body and nervous system. According to ayurveda, the ancient science of life, there are approximately 72,000 nadis in the body. In most people these energy channels lie dormant. However, when the bio-photons begin to flow, these channels will start to circulate these high energy particles.

Circulating bio-photons will make our body and mind start to come alive. We will begin to experience phenomenal energy both on the physical and mental level. We will also need less caloric energy obtained from carbs and fats. This is because the bio-photons will help jump start the energy-producing mitochondria of our cells.

We are convinced that the bio-photon-enzyme component of wild plants as well as freshly-picked raw garden veggies contain valuable biological information that our bodies need to operate at full potential. After all, when you eat plants, you are not just taking in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You are absorbing light energy in the form of bio-photons which not only carry light, but also the biological information of the plant. It is sort of like getting a software download from plants instead of the internet. It will help to correct any physiological process which may have gone astray.

If you are the ambitious type, you can adopt a more advanced version of the bio-photon diet. This modified raw food diet involves eating at least 80 - 90 % of your food in its raw, uncooked state. This would still provide room for a few cooked foods like stews, soups, bean dishes, potatoes, casseroles, or nettle pancakes.

The whole process is an evolution in eating and can't be approached in a dogmatic fashion. The reason why we should be eating at least 90% raw food is because of its energizing and mood enhancing effect. It is also a great way to support meditation and yoga practice. Many people feel more upbeat and happy when on a raw diet and limit intake of cooked foods.

Not only does our health dramatically improve, but the mind becomes more clear

"The chronic symptoms of brain fog begin to lift and I started to experience a state of mental clarity. My level of concentration became razor sharp. I developed a thirst for new knowledge and became more open for new ideas and concepts. My meditation practice became more profound and my body became more flexible during yoga practice. For the first time in my life I have phases where I experience spontaneous feelings of joy welling up within me. I don't require outer stimuli to feel happy. Joy, bliss, and happiness are a state of a perfectly functioning brain physiology which we can help create by including high-energy foods to our diet." Dr. Switzer said about his own personal experience

This is what ayurveda, the ancient science of life, has stated for over 4,000 years: a perfectly functioning metabolism and a clean body are the prerequisites for experiencing bliss. If your body is toxic you will always feel a need to hype your body with stimulants in order to lift your mood. This is why coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol are so popular, as well as medications like Prozac.

Take away the bio-photon energy and the body has to fall back on burning calories. The energy drop-off is dramatic. It is like clipping the wings off a butterfly.

In Cyclical Eating we use this new found freedom to scale back on our caloric intake. As a result we give our metabolism and digestive organs a much needed rest. By subjecting our body to less caloric stress, we subject to less wear and tear. We can turn on our "youthing" genes, increase the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), reduce the insulin concentration, and extinguish inflammation in the body.

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