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Cooked Food Has a Dampening Affect on the Mind

If this sounds a bit "far out" for "cooked" food people to stomach, but many people experience that on days where they practice 100% raw food, high-energy eating, including a green smoothie and the organic microminerals, they feel a deeper sense of inner peace and joy than on days where they eat cooked food. Many also experience more empathy. Overall they feel a lot less self-centered and egoistic. The meditation is deeper, the body is more limber and there is often the experience of a greater desire to exercise, play music. Many people can see the lighter side of life more easily and dwell less on problems, they start to see solutions instead of problems.

"When I eat a predominately cooked food diet, such as traditional Ayurvedic food, I start to feel more irritable, less patient, more ego-centric and less positive. My overall mental energy suffers, my intellect is less sharp and the creative flow doesn't seem to happen. My inner spiritual connection seems to get cut off." Dr. Switzer

We can definitely state that cooked food has a dampening effect on the mind. Most people don't notice this effect, because their body and mind has adapted to a low energy style of functioning. If you upgrade to a higher level by taking the green smoothie, you may also begin to notice this dampening effect. This is why we recommend a diet consisting of about 80 - 90% raw food, in order to support this heightened mental state of functioning.

If this all sounds a bit far out, look at all the people who suffer from mood swings and mild forms of depression. Look at all the increasing numbers of people with dementia. Most people need stimulants to feel some joy in their life. People need coffee, nicotine and sugar in order to come alive. Stimulants help cast away the blues. What would we do without coffee shops?

People who have gone on a high raw food diet for about 6 weeks definitely notice a drop-off of their mental energy when they go back to a normal cooked food routine. This is especially true if they had been eating wild plants on a regular basis. Your body-mind will start to adapt to this high energy style of functioning and lock into it. The nadi energy channels will start to open up and disseminate these high energy bio-photons throughout the body and nervous system. Now if you cut off this flow of bio-photons by eating a cooked food meal or some fast food, you are going to notice a drop off. You won't have these bio-photons to power you up. This energy essence will be missing. This is analogous to putting diesel into a high octane car.

Someone once said that we should be careful about recommending green smoothies, because once you are hooked, it's hard to go back to old habits. There is some truth to this observation. You might have less tolerance to milk products, fast food, bread, meat, fried foods and sweets. The body will try to eliminate toxic compounds from these foods by means of creating mucous, snuffles, headaches, dandruff, skin rashes or diarrhea. If you eat something wrong, symptoms like dandruff and discharges coming out of the nose and eyes could occur.
Is it worth the trouble of foraging for wild plants, blending them up into smoothies or salads? Should one part with the old, ingrained way of eating you adopted from one's mother? Dr. Switzer's answer to that question is a resounding yes!

A life without colds, infections, painful and stiff joints, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, headaches, mental blues, anxiety, insomnia, and energy swings is worth trying this novel approach. Stooping down to pick a few wild green plants is no big deal. It is a small price to pay for phenomenal good health. Just think how rewarding it is to unplug yourself from the disease establishment and become your own doctor! You simply need to start cleaning up your body with wild and raw foods and you will be on your way. If you have the time and financial means, the process can be speeded up by taking an Ayurveda Panchakarma detoxification treatment.

When we say a "high" raw food diet, we are actually talking about 80 - 90 % living raw foods, including a significant amount of freshly picked wild food. This amount is what it takes to kick-start the process. Anything less is also good, but not quite as effective. If you want to become what Dr. Gabriel Cousens terms a raw food Olympian, you can strive for 100% raw food, but for most people this is not a realistic goal. A few items like beans, lentils, legumes and hard veggies like Brussels sprouts cooked up into a stew or soup will not be detrimental to the process. In fact, a cooked lentil soup in the evening might be important to stave off a vata disturbance for many people transiting to a raw food diet.

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