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What is the problem with cooked foods?

Without trying to sound too alarmist, cooked food molecules can lead to fermentation in the digestive tract because they lack enzymes for optimal digestion. Fermentation in turn causes acids to be released. These acids can attack joints, raise blood pressure, irritate mucous membranes, burn holes in the nervous system, heat up emotions and even cause insomnia and depression.

Does this sound far-fetched? Just throw a cheeseburger, French fries and a milk shake into a blender, mix it up, and let it ferment at body temperature for 24 hours. The festering mixture will be indescribably offensive. This is how you can describe the interior of most people's intestines, which can become the optimal breeding ground for cancer. If a large portion of your food is raw, it is highly unlikely that you will come down with colon cancer.

By eating massive amounts of cooked food, you might be turning your digestive tract into a compost pile. In Germany there is an old saying that death and disease can only arise when the digestive tract is out of whack.

"If I eat acidic and heated, enzyme-less foods such as bread and cheese, the following day acid starts to collect in our salivary glands. Then it starts to discharge into my mouth. The sweet, pleasant taste we normally have turns into an unpleasant acidic taste. Because tmy body is normally squeaky clean from a eating a high level of bio-photons and enzymes, my body immediately sets up a reaction. It begins to throw off acid. Otherwise the body would need to dump the acid somewhere into the fatty or connective tissue. If it couldn't store the acids, they could attack healthy tissues and organs. Acids are what drive all types of inflammation in the body." Dr.Switzer

According to the Essenes, failure to eat enough fresh, raw food led one into the field of suffering, disease, and death. Eating cooked food also shuts down spiritual awareness, requiring us to follow numerous laws. Thus one would need to abide by the Ten Commandments to avoid getting into even further trouble. Why? For the simple reason that cooked food will eventually begin to plug up the nadi energy channels, closing down access to one's full mental and spiritual potential.

When we don't follow the Divine Laws of Nature we are forced to follow written scriptural laws, such as the Ten Commandments. We lose our ability to perform spontaneous right action.

When we eat a diet rich in bio-photons, the brain and nervous system would receive enough stimulation to create their own "bliss" molecules. You wouldn't need to practice positive thinking or chant affirmations. The bio-electric stimulation of the live food would be sufficient to upload the brain's pre-installed "God connection" software. The bio-photon energy would automatically activate this built-in program. As your mental potential unfolded, more and more, bliss would be experienced. Eventually, you would reach the Ayurvedic ideal of experiencing bliss 24 hours each day. Life would be bliss.

In such a healthy person the bio-photons are able to flow unimpeded through the maze of energy channels. The person begins to radiate a vitality that is nothing other than indescribable. The skin begins to glow with good health. No make-up is needed. Brain potential is lived to the fullest. The state of energy is superb. In this state, toxic endogenous material has already been cleared out of the body. This pure physiology makes it possible to experience a high level consciousness. The inner experience of transcendental consciousness is automatically experienced simply by closing your eyes. Close your eyes and you are already there, experiencing a state of Being in the eternal continuum of time. This consciousness is not lost when you open your eyes and your attention focuses on an object outside of yourself. You feel a deep unity with all living things. This state of unity consciousness is the goal sought by Buddhists, yogis, mystics and sages alike.

If you have any spiritual aspirations, bio-photons could make it happen for you. Eating a green smoothie with blended wild plants, will be similar to meditating for 30 minutes with your closed eyes. Other meditators have reported similar experiences. The feeling of mental clarity shortly after eating wild plants and flowers is similar to a meditation session. The feeling of heightened awareness and mental buoyancy are the same. You have to experience it to believe it.

This is why we are convinced that a high bio-photon and enzyme diet, as outlined in my dietary suggestions, is going to speed up your spiritual evolution, regardless of your background or belief system. It will work like physics. It will happen spontaneously. You could be an atheist and it will still click for you. This has nothing to do with religious concepts or dogma. It is a state of consciousness and awareness that will come alive like a sphinx rising up out of the ashes of mundane human existence.

Andrew Newberg, MD, showed in his fascinating book, Why God Won't Go Away, how the brain's wiring connects us to each other, the universe and to God. Make the wiring come alive with bio-photons and the bliss and unbounded awareness of spiritual consciousness will come alive. Spiritual practices, whether prayer, meditation, chanting, singing, or whatever, are going to take on a whole new dimension.
Dr. Newberg's book clearly points out that there is a neurological basis for all mystical and spiritual experience. For example, when meditators experience a deep state of transcendental consciousness, or Samadhi, where the mind experiences a state of restful and blissful alertness without thought activity, a coherent state can be seen on the EEG and brain mapping tests. How do you increase coherence of your brain? In Ayurveda, you give the person a mantra, a vibratory sound suitable for his constitution that will help one to transcend the finest level of thought in a completely easy and effortless manner. This is what transcendental meditation (TM) is all about. We highly recommend learning this technique from a qualified meditation teacher - it is the easiest and most widely researched meditation technique available.

The bio-photon energy of wild plants also act to increase mental coherence. They are similar to a laser beam of coherent light. Your neurons will start to fire in synchrony. Blood flow will improve and the brain's metabolism begins to operate on a higher level. Coherent laser beam light in the form of bio-photons will transform your brain performance in an incredible way.

Many spiritually committed people give up their practice because they felt they were not progressing. Usually they stressed out on a nutrient-deficient diet. Because their brain physiology was not functioning well they were unable to access deeper levels of consciousness. So they stopped their meditation and yoga practice.

Just look how hard it is to scrub down a frying pan after it was swimming from the grease of frying chicken. Just think how plugged up you would become if all that grease is swimming around inside your blood vessels and lymph channels. You would feel like someone hit you over the head with a frying pan.

Or, let a mixture of flour and water harden overnight. The sticky gluten in the dough will turn it into cement. Now imagine how this cement-like goop is going to gum up your intestines. This is the problem you get from eating bread. It can really plug up your intestines and create all kinds of havoc.

Most people die before their genetic potential of 120 years is reached. The problem is that mankind has degenerated due to thousands of years of less than ideal eating. We have reached a state where very few healthy human specimens can be seen. We are influenced by the collective health of our ancestors which has been encoded in the genes we inherit. This is why we consider a 100% raw food diet unrealistic for most people. You might be able to live on a raw food diet for two or three weeks before it becomes nearly impossible to continue. This is because there are very few people able to assimilate all the nutrients a raw food diet has to offer. One might also consider an 80% raw food diet.

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