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Colloidal Minerals In a Nutshell

In A Nutshell

Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited for over 70 years from a product discovered by a southern Utah rancher (before that Indians used it for healing for generations). The minerals could be useful for a great variety of seemingly unrelated problems: 

"I've got more energy... my arthritis got better... my blood sugar stabilised... early cataracts went away... my white hair turned black again, my knee arthritis got better... reduced blood-cell clumping."

Of course not everyone will experience all these benefits - there are many causes of problems like those above . But how could one product really help so many totally different problems?

In fact the U.S. Government thought it must contain cortisone or other drugs ... so they analysed it and found only plant source, trace minerals in colloidal form. Rocky Mountain’s Original Mineral Formula is the only nutritional supplement with a consent decree from the U.S. Government. 

So How and Why Does It Work? 

The most likely explanation is that it provides minerals we are all lacking in a form we can absorb. And why are we short on minerals? 

  1. soil depletion: years of continuous cropping has exhausted our soil. Most fertilisers only put back the minimum to increase yield (See NPK fertilisers) 
  2. modern agricultural practices: have "strip-mined" much of our farming land of its nutrients 
  3. food refining: the further away from the original source, the emptier the food: fresh fruit & vegetables have the most minerals, refined & manufactured foods like cakes, biscuits, pasta ...  have the least 
  4. poor diet: how many people do you know eat the recommended 5 servings of fruit or vegies every day?  
  5. lifestyle changes: We don't get the exercise or physical work we used to, so don't need to eat as much. It's harder to get all we need from 3 smaller meals, even if we eat correctly 

What About Other Brands?

Ours is the only brand that has been tested for safety. And many studies have shown our Rocky Mountain minerals improve vitamin absorption and help with many other problems such as heavy metal elimination. Other brands have a simple content analysis, but seem to lack any further testing or safety testing. 

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